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The Waldo Story: Home of Friendly Merchants

The Waldo Story: Home of Friendly MerchantsHave you ever wondered what makes Waldo the unique and eclectic corner of the community we all love? A recently released book from The History Press explores that question, and more. “The Waldo Story: Home of Friendly Merchants” traces Waldo’s past back more than 170 years beginning with its role on the Santa Fe Trail and the Civil War, through the housing boom of the early 19th century and the post war boom to the modern day. Using more than 50 images, some never seen before, the book also shares stories of Waldo institutions like the Waldo Water Tower, the Gillis Home, and the Waldo Theatre.

According to author LaDene Morton, the release of the book is garnering a lot of interest in Waldo’s history. Presentations later this summer are planned for the Plaza and Waldo libraries and the Alexander Majors Home. Morton is also the author of “The Brookside Story: Shops of Every Necessary Character.”

“The Waldo Story” is sold at Dave Smith the Lamp Maker, 7432 Wornall Rd., Southtown Planning Center, 6814 Troost Ave. and at area bookstores. Event dates and other information about the book are available at “The Waldo Story” on Facebook. If you are interested in an author event or have questions about the book, you may contact the author directly at