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Waldo Area Business Association Accomplishments

Waldo Area Plan: Assisted city planners in developing the Waldo Area Plan which describes the existing conditions, proposed land use, and implementation steps for the Waldo community. The plan was adopted by the city in 1998. ( PDF )

"membership-form">WABA Membership: Over the past several years, increased membership to more than 350 businesses, associations and institutions, further increasing the organization's credibility and effectiveness for serving the communities.
Advocate for Area Businesses: Provided administrative support and technical assistance to area businesses in dealing with city codes, zoning, liquor control, and ordinance requirements.
Waldo Best Awards: Established a positive reinforcement program that monthly acknowledges outstanding appearances of properties in Waldo.
Crime Prevention: Monitored area crime situations, coordinated with Kansas City Police Department in developing and implementing the Community Police Action Cooperative (CPAC).
Waldo Gateway: In conjunction with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority, designed gateway markers to be placed at Gregory Blvd. and Wornall Rd. and other future locations yet to be determined.
Waldo Fall Festival: Organized an annual family community event to showcase Waldo and provide a day of activity and celebration in Waldo.
Networking Events: Held quarterly networking events and luncheons to provide networking and communication opportunities for community members.