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The Waldo Community Improvement District (CID)The Waldo Community Improvement District (CID) is an investment made by property and business owners to make Waldo a better place to shop, work, and live. In 1998, the State of Missouri passed legislation that allows areas, with a majority approval by property owners, to create CIDs. Through the CID, property business owners pay an additional property tax and the business owners collect an additional ½ cent sales tax in order to fund physical improvements, events, and promotion of the area.

In 2007, the Waldo Area Business Association formed the Waldo CID, which encompasses commercial properties along Wornall Road from Gregory Boulevard to 85th Street and along Gregory Boulevard from Wornall Road to Oak Street. In July of 2009, property owners approved the CID. Soon after, improvements got underway. Waldo Community Improvement Districts (PDF)

The Waldo CID is focusing on the following improvements:

  • Supplying a bike patrol to promote safety and security
  • Providing maintenance and cleanup of public and right-of-way areas.
  • Establishing a marketing campaign to promote tourism, recreational and cultural activities, and special events.
  • Supporting annual events and promotions such as the Waldo Festival and the Waldo Crawldo pub crawls.
  • Beautifying the Waldo gateways and maintaining the Waldo Fountain.

Waldo CID Board of Directors

  • Sam Gromowsky, Almar Printing, President
  • Becky Beck, American Family Insurance, Vice President
  • Peggy LaPierre, AFLAC, Treasurer
  • Dave Smith, Dave Smith the Lamp Maker, Secretary
  • Kevin Ryan, Governor Stumpy’s Grill House
  • Chris Lewellen, Two Lew’s Properties
  • Steve Vawter, Vawter and Co.

Waldo Roadrunners

Waldo Roadrunners Waldo CID dollars at work: Waldo now has three Area Awareness Officers patrolling on bikes. The Waldo Area Awareness Offices of Chesley Brown Companies, will be interacting with merchants and citizens to assist in creating a secure, well-managed and welcoming environment to all parties who frequent the Waldo area. The Area Awareness Officers will provide a uniformed, visible presence to observe, report and serve as sources of information to the public, police officers, local businesses, tenants and other agencies and organizations. The services of the Area Awareness Officers are not intended to replace any situations that require police intervention.

Waldo Wizards

The Waldo CID has hired a professional janitorial company to begin a supplemental clean up service in the Waldo area. It is still the responsibility of businesses to keep their property clean, but the Waldo Wizards assist in picking up excess trash and graffiti removal. The goal in engaging the Wizards are to make Waldo a place everyone can be proud of and where customers feel comfortable doing business. We ask for your help in taking pride of your property and keeping it clean at all times. If you notice anything that needs attention in the neighborhood, feel free to give us a call at 816-523-5553.

Waldo Promotions and Advertising Opportunities

The Waldo CID has engaged a professional marketing agency to assist in promoting the businesses district an our events. A co-op advertising program has been created as benefit for our member businesses. CID members can purchase low-cost ads in local media through this program. Waldo CID marketing efforts also include special promotions, events, email campaigns and a vibrant Facebook community. If you are a Waldo CID member and are interested in our advertising co-ops, please call Jennifer Prusa at 816-916-9252.