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RT. Waldo Mayer Norm BesheerWaldo is a bustling, close-knit community where neighbors are friends, and local businesses support schools and little league.

Our eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, bars and services offer something for everyone. These locally owned businesses and franchises offer service with a familiar smile.

No matter what it is you want to do, you can do it in Waldo!

Waldo News

Our Waldo: Norman Besheer

Norman Besheer In this installment of Our Waldo, Norman Besheer of Gunter Pest Management shares stories of raising funds for the Waldo fountain and what he envisions for our neighborhood.

Our Waldo: Jo Anne Lile

History of Waldo Kansas City by JoAnne Lile JoAnne Lile once lived in Waldo and likes visiting her kids who live here now. In this installment of Our Waldo, she shares stories of buying candy at the stores at Gregory and Oak.

Our Waldo: Kansas City Mayor Sly James

Kansas City Mayor Sly JamesRegardless if they are from Waldo or not, many people enjoy sharing their memories and why they love Waldo. In this video installment of "Our Waldo", we caught up with Kansas City Mayor Sly James, who shared with us his story of our beloved neighborhood.

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