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(This page will be constantly monitored and updated). Last update: 5/30/2024


74th St.-79th St. Wornall Rd Reconstruction:

Please note: The City of Kansas City, MO is the ultimate authority on communications, timelines, and updates surrounding this road project. The Waldo Community Improvement District launched this communications page as a way to ensure timely communication. More information on this project can be found on the City’s website here.

Project Contacts:

Wornall Road Improvements:

Randy Alewine, Project Manager
Courtney Stephens, Public Information Officer
Jason Waldron, Transportation Director
Jerald Stevens, KC Water
Tim Hutson, KCMO Public Works Project Superintendent
74Broadway (EPC Real Estate Group Development):
Jeremy Tinkler
Austin Bradley

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Construction Update:

(6/25/24 Update)

Updated plans for the finished product.

Construction crews are wrapping up the Western edge of Wornall north of 75th St and the south lot/Broadway over the next couple of weeks. Work on Wornall will then shift to the center lane with both the new southbound lane and old northbound lane being utilized for traffic flow.









(5/30/24 Update)

Gravel placed on the west side of Wornall Rd North of 75th Street passed the initial roll test this morning. Another roll test will be required early next week once another layer of filament is in place.

Updated 5/30/2024

Projected Construction Completion Dates
* Please drive with caution and be aware of traffic and pedestrian detours. Weather and unforeseen circumstances may cause delays

July 2024: Wornall Road, from 73rd Ter to 75th Street, is expected to be paved and completed by the end of July.
November 2024: 75th Street, from Washington Street to Wyandotte Street, is expected to be completed by November 2024.
Phase 4: Wornall Road, from 75th Street to 79th Street, is expected to start contruction early 2025.
Fall 2025: Project completion expected Fall 2025

Broadway Street, from 74th Street to 74th Terrace, is expected to be closed until 2026 for property development.

North parking lot is completed and open to parking.

Paving of the south parking lot at 75th & Wornall begins the week of May 27th, and expected to be completed within 2-3 weeks, weather permitting. Construction of the adjacent sidewalk will immediately follow, and expected to be completed within 2-3 weeks after the completion of the parking lot.

Trolley Track Trail detour expected until June 2024.


(5/17/24 Update)

Wornall Rd:

The waterline has been installed on the Westside of the project footprint.

Weather delays continue to slow work.

Weather permitting, the South lot on Broadway will be finished in 2-3 weeks. Concrete/Broadway in front of Waldo Pizza, etc. to be done 2-3 weeks after that.

Work progressing on SB Wornall Rd north of 75th.

EPC Well Project:

Hoping to have PortKC Bond and construction loan closed within 30 days. Running behind schedule.

(5/8/24 Update)

Work progressing on South Broadway lot. Trolley Track Trail connection in progress.

Phase 2 on SB lane of Wornall progressing.

Work has slowed last ten days with rain/severe weather.

Please support our businesses along 75th/Wornall!

(4/12/24 Update)

Work will begin on the South lot at the corner of 75th and Wornall on 4/22.

As the North lot is finished, it will open for parking for patrons.

No new word on the EPC apartment build at this time.

(3/22/24 Update)

Wornall Reconstruction:

The North lot at 74th St. should be complete within the next three weeks. South lot next.

KCATA Bus pick-ups will be moving from Topsy’s on 74th Terrace to another location close by.

The CCVI Trolley Run will now begin at 73rd St./Wornall instead of 75th St. on Sunday, April 28th.


New amenities have been introduced for the project’s future community, which include a wine/whiskey lounge, indoor golf simulator, a state-of-the-art fitness center, and more.

The plans now are to begin clearing the site in April with a June start date for construction.

(3/11/24 Update)

Trolley Track Trail detour expected until June 2024.

Broadway from 74th to 74th Terrace is estimated to be closed until 2026 for property development within the project footprint.

Wornall Project underway with a projected completion Fall 2025. Please be aware of vehicle and mobility detour signage.

(2/28/24 Update)

Work has begun to replace the water main located underneath Wornall Rd. from 72nd St. to 75th St. Traffic is now single lane going North/South and will eventually close entirely for several weeks to finish.

(2/23/24 Update)

74Broadway Update:

Currently allowing City to use properties surrounding the former Well for material storage.

Plan to clear site in April, start construction in May 2024.

Utilities currently being set up.

(2/21/24 Update)

Wornall Reconstruction:

Parking for businesses located at the NE corner of 75th/Wornall has been severely impacted by KCATA bus route shift/construction work.

Construction crews have been instructed to cease parking in South Broadway lot/in front of Collar Club.

Work moving ahead as scheduled.

(2/13/24 Update)

Work has begun on the North ATA Parking lot directly across from former Well site. Work on this lot and the south adjacent lot is expected to last through the end of April 2024.

The KCATA bus stop formerly located on Broadway has moved down the street in front of Topsy’s (221 W 74th Terrace).

The 74th Terrace entrance to parking lots is now a one-way entry.

Parking will get more difficult before the completion of the project–please be courteous to our local businesses when leaving cars in the lot.

(1/22/24 Update)

(1/20/24 Update)

Weather permitting, work on the North ATA lot at 74th/Wornall will begin 1/21/24.

(11/27 update)

Work will begin on the project early 2024 and is expected to be completed within 15 – 18 months.

(10/19 update)

Three bids were received 10/3/23 for the work to be done along Wornall Rd. KCMO intends to make a decision on the bids the week of 10/23/23. Work plans will be released to the public by their PI team soon after.

Projected Upcoming Construction Phases

Phase 1A and 1B: January – April
Phase 2: March – May

Phase 3: May – October


Project Description:

Wornall Road is just east of Leawood and runs parallel to the Missouri/Kansas border. This project will reconstruct Wornall Road from 74th Street to 79th Street. Roadway improvements include:

  • Newly reconstructed roadway
  • Trolley Track Trail extension from 74th to 75th Street
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Pedestrian accommodations
  • Parking lot modifications at 75th and Wornall Rd.
  • New, interconnected signals
  • Coordination with the KCMO Smart Sewer Program– Green Infrastructure
  • New sidewalk along 79th St.
  • New LED streetlights
  • Water main replacement on Wornall Rd. from 75th to 77th Street


In 2015, the City and the Waldo Community Improvement District conducted an assessment of the intersection of 75th Street and Wornall Road in order to evaluate traffic capacity, safety, and walkability of the intersection. The study resulted in recommendations that are aimed to improve traffic flow, while at the same time improve the intersection so that it incorporates features to improve pedestrian friendliness. The study also identified ways to extend the Trolley Track Trail between 74th Street and 75th Street, thereby eliminating a major barrier for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Since that time, the City, working with the Waldo CID, has received a $2 million grant to implement the results of the study. The City has appropriated funds for the reconstruction of curbs and sidewalks along Wornall Road from 74th and 75th Street. Given the extensive work proposed, the City is now aiming to completely reconstruct Wornall Road from 74th Street to 79th Street, a stretch of roadway that is well worn and beyond ordinary maintenance. This is significant work that, when completed, will improve this key commercial corridor within Waldo.

Traffic Impact:

Traffic will continue to be impacted throughout the entirety of the project.



EPC “74Broadway” Development:

Project homepage

EPC Real Estate Group, in conjunction with PortKC, will be beginning work on their proposed “74Broadway” development in the fall of 2023. In total, the development will contain:

  • 278 units, including 56 affordable units at 60% MFI.
  • 364 structured parking stalls.
  • 29 surface parking stalls.
  • 17,500 sq. ft. of retail/dining space.

Construction Phase:

10/23 UPDATES (more included above):

  • EPC has closed on the properties located between 74th St. and Terrace along Broadway.
  • EPC currently solidifying bids for demolition and utility relocation
  • The Well auction closes Monday afternoon, 10/23. Auction winners will have thirty days to remove items from property.
  • Still expecting a Q4 2023 demolition and Q1 2024 construction start.
  • EPC will begin with parking garage so as to have a completed storage space for materials throughout length of build.