Grants Available Through the Waldo Community Improvement District

WABA has several opportunities available to members of the Waldo Community Improvement District. All recipients must within Waldo CID boundaries. Other eligibility requirements may apply. Currently, we have four grants open to CID members. Check back often for new opportunities! 

Read on below for more information on the following grant opportunities:

  • Storefront Improvement Grant
  • Paint Grant
  • Event Rebate Program Grant

Please note: our Security Camera Grant has now been included under the Storefront Improvement Grant.**

Happy applying!

Storefront Improvement Grant


The goal of the Waldo CID Storefront Improvement Grant (S.I.G) is to support local businesses through funding for exterior building repairs or improvements. Applications will be reimbursed at half of their approved costs, with the Waldo CID’s share not to exceed $7,500 per building project. The Waldo CID oversees the program and the WABA Property Committee administers the program.


  • S.I.G. is open to any properties within the Waldo CID boundaries.
  • Applications must be approved prior to the commencement of the project. No retro-active reimbursements will be issued.
  • All applications are subject to the approval of the WABA Property Committee.
  • An applicant is only eligible for one rebate per property within a ten year time period.
  • Grant applications may be submitted by either a business or property owner, as long as both parties are in
    agreement. All grant monies will be issued as a reimbursement to the applicant.
  • Business must have a valid Occupational License with the City of Kansas City at time of application.
  • Projects must meet all applicable City Zoning, Sign and Building Code requirements.
  • Applications are accepted starting annually as long as funds are available. Applications are reviewed on a first come first served basis from the time a complete submittal is received until all grant money is allocated.
  • Projects must be completed within 180 days of application approval, unless a written extension is submitted before this date by the applicant and approved by the WABA Property Committee.
  • Reimbursements are made within 2 weeks after the submittal of the required documentation (i.e. receipts, proof of payment, etc.).

Eligible Expenses:

  • Removing and/or replacing siding or facades
  • Patching concrete
  • Security system improvements, including cameras, alarm systems, and windows. *Security cameras must be installed according to CID guidelines.
  • Fixing or replacing handrails
  • Repairing or installing gutter and downspout systems in conjunction with other facade improvements
  • Tuck pointing brick and masonry
  • Repairing or replacing cornices, trim, or architectural details
  • Repairing or replacing windows (high insulation values are encouraged)
  • Painting or cleaning exterior
  • Adding approved, architecturally interesting, features or repairing existing architectural features
  • Installing, repairing or replacing appropriate awning or signage
  • Installing or replacing exterior lighting
  • Improving streetscape and landscape (as part of the project)
  • Repairing/replacing parking lots, driveways, sidewalks (as part of the project)
  • Replacing doors
  • Decorative fencing (such as wrought iron fencing, excludes barbed-wire or razor-wire)
  • Materials
  • Contracted labor

Non-Eligible Expenses:

  • Interior work
  • Electrical improvements (excluding exterior lighting)
  • HVAC improvements
  • Property acquisition
  • Equipment, Furniture, and Fixtures
  • Roofs
  • In-house labor by property owner, tenant, or employees

Application Process

  1. Contact Sean Anderson with the Waldo CID, for a pre-application meeting to discuss the project and its requirements.
  2. Submit a grant application, Form W-9, and “before” photos of project and schedule a formal presentation with the WABA Property Committee for plan approval.
  3. Give formal presentation to WABA Property Committee.
  4. Once applications have been approved, complete the work within 180 days after the application has been approved.
  5. Upon completion of the project, submit all receipts, proof of payment and “after” photos for review.
  6. If all program requirements have been met, the Waldo CID will reimburse the applicant up to 50% of approved costs not to exceed $5,000 per project.

Contact Info: Phone – 816-286-4523 or use the WALDO Contact form and select Category: “Storefront Improvement Grant”

Paint Grant


In 2020, the Waldo Community Improvement District Board approved an initiative created by the Waldo Area Business Association’s Property Committee to create a grant to provide an incentive for businesses to keep storefronts looking fresh and new. The resulting Paint Grant Program provides a $500 voucher to any approved applicant within the CID boundaries for paint and supplies for the improvement of the exterior of their business.

An applicant must prepare their building (repair any wood rot, remove chipped paint, etc.) and an inspection will be conducted before the voucher is issued.

If you are interested, please download the application and once completed, please either e-mail it to, or walk it into the WABA office located at 7222 Wornall Road. You may also e-mail it to If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the WABA staff at (816) 286-4523.

Event Rebate Program Grant


The Waldo Area Business Association recognizes that local events in our community can be a catalyst for positive change. The more events we have, the stronger the community, and the more viable the businesses! The Waldo CID has established a $10,000 pool of funds each year to be used for encouraging Waldo establishments within the CID to host events and attract people throughout the entire metropolitan area. Applicants must be within the Waldo CID in order to apply. The funds can be used to match event hosting costs, up to $1,000 per event/year.

Click here to download the Event Rebate Program Form.