Waldo Security

The Waldo Community Improvement District currently contracts with Chesley Brown International to provide three full-time security officers to the CID. Officed at 7222 Wornall Rd, our officers work hard to assist in creating a secure, well-managed and welcoming environment to all parties who frequent the Waldo area. The Area Awareness Officers provide a uniformed, visible presence to observe, report and serve as sources of information to the public, police officers, local businesses, tenants and other agencies and organizations. The services of the Area Awareness Officers are not intended to replace any situations that require police intervention.

IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing a medical, criminal, or other emergency, CALL 911. If the situation requires, call Waldo Security AFTER calling 911.

Good reasons to call our security team:

  • Assistance in dealing with nonviolent theft/shoplifting
  • Support when closing down businesses/walking to vehicles after dark
  • Notification of vandalism/break-ins/etc. after calling police, if necessary.
  • Non-violent trespasser removal
  • Suspicious activity
  • Lock checking

Hours of Operations:

Currently, the following hours are staffed by our security team. Chesley Brown’s “Waldo Roadrunners” are on call 149/168 hours per week:

  • Monday/Tuesday
    • 6am-3am
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
    • 6am-4am
  • Saturday/Sunday
    • 11am-4am

Security Cell Phone: