Wornall Road Streetscape Project

(All information on this page is up to date as of October 15, 2019, @9:00 a.m.)

In 2015, the City of Kansas City and the Waldo Community Improvement District conducted an assessment of the intersection of 75th Street and Wornall Road in order to evaluate traffic capacity, safety, and walkability of the intersection. The study resulted in recommendations that are aimed to improve traffic flow, while at the same time improve the intersection so that it incorporates features to improve pedestrian friendliness. The study also identified ways to extend the Trolley Track Trail between 74th Street and 75th Street, thereby eliminating a major barrier for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Since that time, the City, working with the Waldo CID, has received a $2 million grant to implement the results of the study. The City has appropriated funds for the reconstruction of curbs and sidewalks along Wornall Road from 74th and 75th Street. Given the extensive work proposed, the City is now aiming to completely reconstruct Wornall Road from 74th Street to 79th Street, a stretch of roadway that is well worn and beyond ordinary maintenance. This is significant work that, when completed, will improve this key commercial corridor within the Waldo Business District.

Below are descriptions and anticipated timelines for these infrastructure improvements:

75th Street Water Main Project

KC Water will begin a series of water main replacements in the Waldo area to replace century-old pipes. With 5.8 miles of new piping to replace, it is one of the largest water main replacement projects currently underway at KC Water. Only specific mains will be replaced in the project area, including 75th Street from State Line Road through the Waldo District to Flora Avenue. Work began the week of  September 3, 2019. Weather permitting, work will conclude in approximately 12 months for the entire project.

The project will begin with construction at the intersection of 75th Street and Wornall. Some lanes in the project boundary will be temporarily closed. The intent is to keep at least one lane of traffic in each direction open most times.

Details of KC Water’s Waldo Area Project plan can be found here on the KC Water website located here. KC Water has also implemented a Facebook page titled “Waldo Area Improvements,” for weekly updates which can be found here. Questions and comments can also be posted on the Facebook page.

The contractor placed new asphalt on the street this morning (October 15, 2019). They have met the 45-day timeline as promised for the section of 75th Street (Pennslyvania to Wyandotte) to the immediate West/East of Wornall Road.

One westbound lane/two eastbound lanes will be open on Thursday, however, they have to leave some traffic control items in place for safety as the work continues to the East/West of Wornall Road.

Business owners who would like more information about the project are encouraged to contact the Waldo Area Business Association about weekly meetings held right here in Waldo. E-mail nicole@waldokc.org for dates and times

Reconstruction of Wornall Road – 74th to 79th Streets (75th and Wornall Improvements Project)

Public Works will reconstruct Wornall Road from 74th to 79th streets. Work includes reconfiguration of the parking lot at the northeast corner of 75th and Wornall Road, the extension of the Trolley Track Trail from 74th to 75th Streets, and improvements aimed at making the corridor safe for pedestrians. Construction is anticipated to start in early 2020. This project is funded in part by a Surface Transportation Grant and GO KC funds. The estimated project cost is $45 million. See more information on this project here: 75th and Wornall Improvements

Smart Sewer Program

Kansas City’s Smart Sewer Program will begin a sewer separation project within the Waldo area early this year. The areas affected include W 77th Street, W 85th Street, Summit Street, and Grand Avenue. The work includes the construction of new storm sewer mains and sanitary sewer mains, sewer rehabilitation and replacement of existing water mains. The project is part of the consent decree signed between the City, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Justice which requires the City to make extensive improvements to its sewer systems to eliminate unauthorized overflows of untreated raw sewage and to reduce pollution levels in urban stormwater. The project has an estimated cost of $26 million. Information about the project can be found here.

The neighborhoods to the southeast of the Waldo District will be affected by the South Oak Park Smart Sewer Project. This project will eliminate an estimated 2 million gallons of combined sewer overflow in South Oak Park in a typical year. It will also remove more than 40,000 tons of trash from the existing landfill in the park. Project improvements include the replacement and realignment of the existing sewer system and the construction of a 3 million-gallon open detention basin. The detention basin will capture combined sewer overflows during heavy rain events (which typically occur fewer than 10 times per year) so that the sewer doesn’t overflow into waterways located within South Oak Park. The basin will make a controlled release back into the combined sewer collection system within 24 hours after each storm’s passing. Trail enhancements, including connecting the park to the Trolley Trail with a pedestrian footbridge, are also proposed. Information about the project can be found here.

Learn more about the Smart Sewer program

Reconstruction of Wornall Road – 85th to 89th Streets (Complete)

Public Works will reconstruct Wornall Road from 85th Street to 89th Street and add curb, gutter, and sidewalks along this section. Other improvements include streetlight upgrades, a new water line, and storm sewer upgrades. Spire Energy will begin a new gas line installation this summer, separate from this project. The roadway improvements will begin by August 2018 and complete in Spring 2019.   This GO KC project has an estimated cost of $3.5 million. View a fact sheet about this project here: Wornall Fact Sheet

This project is complete. Thank you to the City of Kansas City for investing in the Waldo Area!

Making Waldo Better

The Waldo Community Improvement District and Waldo Area Business Association are confident that once the above improvements are complete, the Waldo District will be a premier destination for dining, shopping, and recreation located in the heart of Kansas City.

Download the Waldo District Streetscape Enhancement Plan (PDF)

You’ll need the Acrobat Reader to read the report offline.