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About Us

Waldo is a vibrant neighborhood and business district located in the heart of Kansas City. What began in 1841 as the farm of Dr. David Waldo, soon became a bustling neighborhood on the edge of the city – a town unto itself. Waldo has never lost its flavor of a fun, little family neighborhood on the edge of a big city. Today, you’ll find more than 600 businesses in Waldo, 60% of which are locally owned, surrounded by a family-oriented neighborhood. It’s a wonderful place to work, shop, live and play!

A Taste of Waldo

Waldo Facts:


  • approximately 13,000


  • 2 private schools, 1 high school, and 4 public elementary schools
  • 8 religious institutions


  • Harry Wiggins Trolley Track Trail
  • Parks: Sunnyside Park, South Oak Park, Tower Park & water tower


  • Fall Festival – 3rd Weekend in September
    • Small Business Shop Small Crawl
    • Other private events like St. Elizabeth’s Smoking ‘n’ Waldo Barbecue Contest, Fall Pub Crawl, Patrick’s Bar No Grill .1K Fundraiser, Explore Gregory, The Well and Lew’s Hopfest