In 1964, Sam Gromowsky combined the name of his mother (Alice) with the name of his wife (Mary), wrote “Almar Printing” on a shingle, and opened the door of his one-man operation to the public. Originally located above a local Waldo bar, Almar Printing moved in 1969 to a nearby first-floor, corner retail space, and then in the summer of 1980, to its present-day location at 77th Terrace and Wornall Road. Sam and Mary’s youngest son, Steve, took over daily management of the company in the early 2000’s, and continues to run Almar Printing today.

Sam, Mary, and Steve feel that Almar’s success has always been due to the loyalty of its customers.  In fact, our first regular customer continues to use Almar Printing to this day. Every Almar Printing customer is treated with the same helpful and caring attitude, from our largest clients down to the person that walks in wanting one copy. The men and women of today’s Almar Printing show the same pride in their work as Sam and Mary Gromowsky did back in 1964.


Accepts Waldo Bucks: No


7735 Wornall Rd
Kansas City, MO