Featured Business: HAGOYAH

Meet featured business: HAGOYAH Hair Studio & Yoga Den.

HAGOYAH is a unique small business based in Waldo at 515 W. 75th Street that offers radical self-care and holistic beauty services including haircare, yoga, massage and more.

(Please note: HAGOYAH is currently closed temporarily due to COVID-19, but we still wanted to share the inspiring work that they do to support Waldo through their positivity and meditation tips.)

Q&A with HAGOYAH’s owner, Angela Cronk.

What is your business story?

I wanted to bring back that once a week element of self-care and community our grandmothers had back in the day when they would get their hair “set” once a week as well as make yoga affordable and accessible for people.  I resigned from my corporate Paul Mitchell job, went back to waiting tables and renting a chair to do hair.  I sold EVERYTHING I owned to pay for yoga teacher training in 2010 and saved all my money to go towards the business.  I took a class through KC Sourcelink/S.C.O.R.E. on how to write a business plan and wrote a business plan.  I actually called over 30 banks before getting approved and only got $36,000 and the rest is history.

Why did you choose Waldo for your business?

Waldo was still a hidden gem and it just felt like the right place for my unique business.  And after meeting my potential new landlord, Diane Botwin I knew it was the right place.

What can customers do to support you? 

Stay positive and do nice things for themselves.  If they can afford it, purchasing gift certificates and attending our online yoga classes, which are only $5 each.

Beyond your own, what’s your favorite Waldo business & why?

That’s a tough one.  I can’t pick just one, so I will go with the top three.  Centered Spirit & Emilie’s French Tea room.  They have several holistic health practitioners and the tea room is so charming and relaxing.  I am really digging the new SOAP KC shop.  I love everything about this concept.  And, Papu’s Cafe is mega delicious.  I crave their hummus and gyro meat.

Favorite thing about the Waldo community? 

I love that it has a small-town feel with the shared love between the neighborhood and the businesses.  Waldo has its own unabashed unique vibe and we are proud of it.