Featured Non-Profit: HAPPYBOTTOMS

Let’s help support local families in need! #WaldoGivesBack

Waldo is hosting a Virtual Donation Drive to help raise money for HappyBottoms.org, which is headquartered in the Waldo neighborhood and is in need of support this month. Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. If we reach our goal of $500 by April 17th, Paige Fowler of Edward Jones Financial has made the commitment to match us an additional $500! Simply visit their website, fill out their donation form and select the ‘Waldo Drive’ tab!
Traditionally, April is HappyBottoms’s Diaper Drive month when the community donates upwards of 50,000 diapers. During this time, HappyBottoms is unable to accept diaper donations and can only accept monetary donations. Every dollar counts. If you can support this incredible cause that supports our local community, it will make a difference.

About HappyBottoms

HappyBottoms provides diapers to families in need in Kansas City.

HappyBottoms mission is to positively impact the mental, physical and financial stability of a family in crisis and need through diaper assistance, education and connection to services. Diapers are not covered by government assistant programs like Food Stamps and WIC and 1-in-3 moms do not have enough diapers to keep their baby clean, dry and healthy.  Not having enough diapers impacts the mental and physical health of a child and their family, and has a larger economic impact on the community.

Each month, HappyBottoms sends an average of 250,000 diapers into the community.  The current economic devastation is impacting even more families and the need has increased incredibly the past few weeks.  We are doing all we can to set up new distributions and help even more families in the coming months. In 2019, HappyBottoms distributed 2.2 million diapers to more than 10,000 children.

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Your donations help. Thank you Kansas City!