Featured Business: Schloegel Design Remodel

About Schloegel Design Remodel (by Charlie Schloegel, CR, UDCP, Co-Owner):


If your list of home repairs seems to keep growing let Schloegel Design Remodel’s Handyman Services team help cross those items off. With over 40 years of remodeling experience in the Kansas City area there’s no project our team can’t tackle. Learn more at remodelagain.com.

No matter what your project calls for we bring the same exacting process to ensure that your remodeling project, or even your small handyman project, is done exactly as promised every time.

  • Why did you choose Waldo for your business?
Waldo is a wonderfully diverse neighborhood with amazing people. This community has been our home nearly since our inception and the support is invaluable. It’s allowed us to grow into the business we are today.


  • Beyond your own, what’s your favorite Waldo business & why?
We love Waldo Thai, it’s hands down some of the best Thai food in the KC area. Classic Cookie not only has the yummiest cookies but such a fantastic breakfast and lunch. Our neighbors up a street at KC Bier put out some unapparelled German beers and grub. Oh and don’t miss Lew’s chicken strips. See, how can we pick a few?!!! We also love the small businesses that help support our business like See More Signs, Sherwin Williams, and Almar Printing.


  • What do you love about the Waldo community?

Waldo has been home to Schloegel Design Remodel for more than 35 years and this wonderful community has continued to support us. Participating in Waldo Fall Fest is just one way for us to help, in turn, support the community back. Through the past year and half we’ve all come to value our amazing community even more than we did before.

Schloegel Design Remodel
311 W 80th St, Kansas City, MO 64114